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Best snowblowers

Are the one's used the safest way possible.

Snow throwers are a great boon to your back when a blizzard or even a light snow appears over night. But you have to keep in mind some basic safety rules…

Snow stuck in the chute? Don’t even think of putting your precious fingers near the blades. First stop the engine, then wait a good minute before trying to clear the obstructions - and always use a stick…never your hands.

Another danger we don’t think about is poisonous carbon monoxide emissions. Start the machine in an open place, never in a closed garage…and then leave to get a phone call or do another project. The CO can quickly build up and may result in unconsciousness and even death. Knowing no boundaries, the dangerous gas can migrate into your home if your garage is attached to your home and harm all those in your home.

Just keep these things in mind when using the very helpful snow throwers and have a healthy and safe  winter.

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