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Gas Snow Blowers

We are still talking single stage, but now add a more powerful motor that can really move the white stuff. Make sure your throwing range is long enough to put the snow on the other side of the driveway or you will be clearing the snow twice. As well, you are still looking at the necessity of a paved walk or driveway, as the auger principle is still operative. However these gas powered machines are wider with clearing widths from 20 to 24 inches. You can forget about the cord (and somehow severing it as you accidentally snowblow over it) but gas powered machines require fuel, usually a mixing of oil and gas with a two stroke engine. There are some four stroke engines that just take gas and produce less noxious emissions. As you can imagine, these models are more expensive.

Think maintenance with gas powered snow blowers. Just like your spring time checkup for your lawnmower, the gas snow blower will need tuning. Look for an electric starter if you don't want to be pulling a recalcitrant cord, again like the lawnmower.

You will still have to push this machine, which is heavier than the power shovel. There are no wheels, but the revolving motion of the auger can help move the machine along.

Look for price tags from $300 to over $700 for a four stroke engine with an electric start and wider path that really throws the snow. These blowers are heavy (can weigh in at almost 100 pounds) and larger, taking up valuable real estate in your garage.

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