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Electric Snow Blowers

These are the snow blower bantamweights, weighing in at ten to 25 pounds. You plug it in to an outlet via an outdoor electric extension cord (think those long orange cords) and can operate it only as far as you can go with the cord.

Single stage snow blowers operate via an auger that scrapes the driveway as it rotates, picking up the snow and throwing it either in the front or to the side all in one motion. If you have an unpaved driveway, this is not a good option as the gravel and dirt in your driveway will be picked up along with the snow.

How much would you be able to clear? The single stage blowers come in 11 to 18 inch capabilities. The larger the width of the path you can create, the less work you will have to do. The smallest in this category is known more appropriately as a power shovel that via the auger mechanism, pushes the snow out in front of you as you push the shovel. It will save your back but you will still get a work out with this machine. A step up would be a moveable chute that allows you to have the snow thrown to the side. Also consider how deep and heavy the snow gets in your area. The electric single stage blower is made for light snow on a small driveway and walkway. Anything more substantial would be inappropriate for this little guy.

The pros for this selection are numerous if you don't have a macho sized area to clear. It is smaller than a gas powered snow thrower so it can store nicely in a corner of your garage or storage shed. This option also is quieter and doesn't require messing with a motor each season, and all the attending upkeep a gas motor requires. And last but never least, the cost is very accessible hovering around a hundred dollars on up to $300.

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