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System Options

Denon puts out a number of home theater systems. The DHT-485 system has a 6.1 channel receiver and options for DTS-ES or Dolby Digital sound. The wattage is 75 watts with six speakers. The DVD is a progressive scan player that can also accommodate CDs and MP3-CDs, although experts claim the performance of just audio CDs was not up to par. However, unlike a lot of home theater in a box setups, this one allows you to upgrade to other speakers. Some complain that the components are oversized when compared with other systems. For a smaller venue, such as a bedroom, consider the Denon D-M51DVS that is particularly compact with a 20 watt receiver with a 100 watt subwoofer.

The Kenwood HTB-707DV has a DTS/Dolby Digital 6.1 channel receiver delivering 100 watts of sound. Its single DVD player is compatible with about any disc you put in there including a JPG photo CD of your trip to Disneyworld. It comes in a silver and black finish and can be found for less than $300. Its bigger sibling, the N815DV System goes a couple of steps further and provides an ethernet connection to your computer so you can stream audio and video right to your TV.

Panasonic's SC-HT720 Home Theater has a great price tag of less than $350 and adds some features you would most likely find on only the high end equipment. You will find a 5 disc changer and DVD Audio playback on this 5.1 Dolby system. It's also very easy to set up with a DVD/receiver combination in a very slim profile. Some of the negatives include larger than average speakers and DVD color quality not quite up to par. Some complain that, as in most home theater in a box systems, the CD audio is not satisfactory.

The Yamaha YHT-750 gets rave reviews for its overall performance. It's a bit hefty in some of its components (the YHT-755 offers larger speakers and a smaller woofer) and the front speakers did not produce the expected power. However the system's speakers can be upgraded and it is a great value for its generally $450 price range.

Onkyo HT-S777C is another contender for your theater in a box system. Its 6.1 channel receiver includes Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES with a 6 disc changer that can play most any format including MP3s and JPG photo CDs. Although the speakers are boxy, its remote is a real winner with back lighting, larger than most sizing for easy use, and volume control for individual speakers. The subwoofer has a 10 inch woofer with a 220 watt amp and the center speaker has a pair of four inch woofers, all producing some really nice sound. Don't look here for futuristic styling but for great quality with a mid-range price tag.

Sony's DAV-FR10W is a great system for those of you who want to avoid tripping over or installing wires. The W stands for wireless. It has an integrated 5 disc progressive scan DVD player and receiver but uses digitally transmitted audio signals from the front speakers that are received by the rear speakers, eliminating the necessity for wires between the receiver and the back speakers and producing excellent sound.

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