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Home theater tune-up

Somehow your home theater isnít replicating that AMC experience like you imagined? There are a few things you can do to amp up your viewing and listening pleasure.  

First think speakers. Play around with placement. All the experts say even a couple of inches can make a big difference, so play the ďcan you hear me nowĒ game with a discerning guest or family member to get it just right. Then check the sound balance. Rather than relying on your ears, get it right with an analog (not digital) sound pressure level meter (around $50).

After the sound is calibrated, you are ready for the video. You want the best image you can get, and if you keep everything factory set, you wonít get it. Get a DVD made for this application, to fine tune the settings.

If you donít want to spring for the DVD, then adjust your color temp to the lowest or warm setting and your contrast about midway. Itís not perfection but more than likely it will surpass the out of the box settings. Then hop on your recliner with some artery clogging buttery popcorn and enjoy the results.

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