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Home Theater Systems

You've got the big TV, the DVD player and the all important recliner, ready to enjoy the latest sci fi action romance movie. But something's just not right. Something's's just not like Friday night at the local theatre.

It could be the sound...most likely you have just the TV speakers doing all the sound work. What you want is a home theater system with speakers that replicate a surround sound you find in the movie theaters. Now, you can go out and buy this and that receiver and speaker and fuss with wires and plugging in components to achieve the ultimate movie experience. Or you can buy a home theater system and skip the mystery.

What exactly is a home theater system? Although it can sound daunting, it is simply, audio and video components working together to replicate the sights and sounds you get from your local movie theater. Now if you are a purist, you can search for the top of the line equipment in video projectors, DVD players and amps specific for each channel of sound, controlled by a master amplifier with sub woofers (that your neighbor can admire while relaxing in his den in his own home) all installed by an expensive contractor. But a home theater system can simply be your TV, DVD player and audio receiver with a couple of speakers.

However, there is a middle ground. Today, you can purchase what is known as home theater in a box in the electronics department of your local department store like Best Buy or Target, etc. and get some great results. Most home theater systems or home theater in a box are composed of a progressive scan DVD player, a receiver and a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround system with speakers — two in front, two in back, and a single center speaker along with a sub woofer. Pay a few more dollars and you can enjoy Dolby Digital 6.1 quality sound with an added rear speaker. You may also find some home theater systems equipped with a VCR for your archived video library.

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