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Home theater in a box

Remember the days when your mom and dad projected the family’s vacation slides on a sheet tacked to the living room wall? Not particularly high tech but very convenient and effective. Take that concept and bring it up to date with projection TV and you have home theater in a box that you can take with you, or not.

Radio Shack’s Cinego D-1000 DLP projector is a handy dandy portable theater in a box that you can project onto a screen (think outside for a family movie or by the pool), or indoor on a white wall. The Cinego D-1000 combines Digital Light Processing (DLP) from Texas Instruments along with an integrated DVD player and a high-quality sound system for your viewing pleasure. The size of the picture depends on how far you place the projector from the screen or wall. Close and you have a large TV screen…back up and you have a 55 incher.

Users say its small, lightweight and conveniently portable. Some have hooked it up to their own audio for a better sound and recommend you use a quality screen for optimized viewing. At a price ticket of $1300 or so, you could be watching movies under the stars!

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