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New universal remote control

With the home theater advances, you canít just use the old universal remote.

Universal Remote Control Inc want you to know their MX-3000 is not your fatherís Oldsmobile. This is a 65,000 color, touchscreen remote with a ton of bells and whistles to control every aspect of your home theater system and sports its own base station. There are ergonomic controls that combined can master tasks you havenít thought of yet.

Think variable tracking, non-directional RF control and donít even start on the possibilities with step by step help in programming macros that they claim are quick and easy. Itís thin, light and its range is a hundred feet, even through walls. Wanna download from your PC? Done, as the remote has a 32 mb flash capacity.

Come fall it will arrive in stores. Just in time for ChristmasÖbut start saving now as it will list for about a thousand dollars.

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