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Add a projector to your system

Epson has a couple of LCD projectors that might make your home theater experience bigger and better. First the Espon PowerLite Cinema 550.  MSRP of about $2500 gives you a 720 p projector with Epson’s penchant for separate LCD panels for red, green and blue. 

The image projected can range 65 inches and up and although the resolution can’t rival a 32 inch LCD screen, you get enough detail to pass muster. Once you get the picture up, there are tons of adjustments to give you just what you want…even a skin tone adjustment and a memory capability to record up to nine settings.  Even so, there is some color differentiation going on, left screen vs. right, not so discernible when Vin Diesel’s running across your screen but for the closeup love scenes you might notice.

For a lower price point, look at Epson PowerLite’s Home 20 that cracks the $1000 price tag.  This “economy” model gets you in the door for a home theater projector. You get an 80 inch screen, 1200 lumens and for a projector, a rather quiet motor. You don’t want to run this in bright light at noon, but pull the drapes and you have a nice little theater experience.

There are six color modes to give you an easy adjustment experience. “Living Room” is the brightest  setting, and will cut down on the light issue. There are Theater, Theater Black 1 and Theater Black 2 for darker venues. Don’t get too close (6 feet or so) or the resolution may begin to bother you, but we’re talking eighty inch screen here…what are you doing watching six feet away?

Epson is trying to cover the home theatre market and these are two great options if you are in that market.

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