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Summer grilling checklist

If itís summer, itís grilliní. And the grill fabrication of choice this year is stainless steel. But they arenít necessarily the best grill for you. Unless you are committed to polishing and cleaning your grill bypass the stainless and go for the dark black iron model. Consumer Reports says stainless steel grills are going to discolor after a few weeks of use unless you are open to cleaning them with stainless steel polish. And donít forget the cover you will need to maintain the shine.

And if you are thinking, at least it wonít rust, think again. There are stainless steel grills that are high grade, but there are also the lower end stainless steel that manufacturers spring on the public. Take a magnet with you when shopping for a stainless steel grill. If it doesnít stick, you have a high grade stainless. If however there is some attraction, then there is rusting capability there.

After the stainless steel check, do a number on the grates. If they bend like be ckham you can count on the fact that they will not hold up to your summer grilling jobs. And halfway through the summer check for gas leaks. No rocket science here. Just spray some soapy water over the connections and over the hose. If you see tiny bubbles, give that part the Don Heave Ho and replace it.

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