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Do grilling and condo living mix?

As you gaze out of your condo’s sliding door at your mini back yard, do you begin to think of the good old days when you were the king of the grill…and thinking those days are gone now that you are living in a condominium? Not necessarily.  Although it may be more difficult, grilling apron and condo ownership are not an oxymoronic coupling.

Condo owners are getting with the popularity of cooking outdoors and coming up with some options.

The most convenient way to fuel your grill is a gas line from the mail line to your grill. However, this option is pretty unusual, particularly in high rise condo buildings. You may find them in high end structures where expectations run high, but not very often in your common garden variety condo. Often there are city or town bylaws that prohibit or highly regulate natural gas grills, such as no coverings or enclosures above the grill’s flame. If you think of the normal, stacked balconies in a high rise, you see the problem. But if you have terraces and common areas available, there are more opportunities to grill. And more opportunities to get to know your neighbor.

You might find an electric grill the way to go if you want your own personal experience. If your balcony or patio has an outlet, then you are good to go. But don’t pooh pooh the communal grill…grilling is a social experience anyway, and everything tastes better with entertaining conversation as a side order.

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