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More expensive grills don't necessarily mean better grills

It’s time to shop for a new grill, but you are on a budget. Don’t despair…you won’t have to settle for the teeny kettle grill and a bag of charcoal from Home Depot. You can find a perfectly useful and aesthetically pleasing grill for less than $500. In fact, if you pay more, you most likely won’t get a better burger.

Before you lay down your cool cash, think about how your hot food. Wanna cook it fast with a minute of searing and a couple spent sizzling, or do you want to let it do a slow burn. How many are going to enjoy your cooking and how much are you cooking at one time. Under 300 square inches is on the small side and will restrict your grilling menu and party size. About 500 square inches and you got yourself room for thirty burgers.

Got enough room for one of those outdoor kitchens? Or do you need something that will fit on a high rise patio walk on. Then look for overall quality. Shut the cover and shake the grill. It should feel sturdy. Look for weld joints for strength as opposed to screws, that can work loose. And look for the warranty and what is and isn’t covered. A grill getting a good deal of use can easily need parts replacement after fourteen months.

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