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Is the best grill the most expensive one?

Some of us can make do with a foot wide hibachi and a couple of coals. Others are following a new trend toward outdoor kitchens that boggle the mind but warm the stomach.

No longer just a burger and hot dog emporium, the grill is now host to “cuisine”. One trend is infrared burners that let you sear a steak at a thousand degrees (hot, hot, hot) but keep the inside tender and pink. And look for halogen lights under the grill’s hood so you can cook in the dark, Is the game on? No need to stand outside and keep checking for doneness. Just use the remote control that allows you to check the meat’s temperature. Then just adjust the heat with the same remote. Or why not just include a TV outside anyway.

There are side burners to think about. This way you get a full course meal, as veggies take a different temp than the shrimp or pork.

But all this cooking precision and convenience comes with a price. Count on a price tag of well over six thou if you want all the grilling amenities.

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