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Gas Vs. Charcoal grills

The leaves are budding, the spring bulbs have blossomed and your getting ready to lay down some heavy duty mulch. We all know, itís grilliní time.

Although each summer brings the grill wars (gas vs. charcoal) you gotta see some of these new gas grills with all the accoutrements of a fully equipped kitchen, with over five feet of real estate and a comparably lengthy price tag.
Although those weighing in on the charcoal side say they donít mind the wait for those charcoals to heat up, and claim they donít want to rush their food in order to get the incomparable taste peculiar to a charcoal grill, the gas grillers disagree.

Then there is the other grilling battle that comes down to sauce/marinade. Some diehards say marinate your meat for two days. Others say, no, just spread some ketchup based sauce and enjoy the results. Or go wild and try fruit based sauces that combine the sweet and the spicy.

If you are new to the grilling game, donít side with the charcoal, gas, marinade or sauce groups; just get out there and try them all. There is no shame in a quick burger thrown on a gas grill with some store bought topping. Just take time to enjoy the meal with friends and family.

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