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Kalamazoo’s Bread Baker and Frontgate’s Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite

If you subscribe to bigger is better, know there are some wazoo grills out there with equally wazoo price tags.

Think about the Kalamazoo’s Bread Baker, a six and a half foot wide grill that weighs in at 600 pounds and an equally heavy eleven thousand. But think about the bennies… there are two dual fuels, an infrared rotisserie cradle system and side burner. You can get up to a thousand degrees and a BTU limit of over one hundred fifty thousand (holy singed eyebrows).

But before you get out your checkbook, Frontgate’s Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite tops the Bread Baker (Bread Baker-figure that oneout) at $35,000.  Most of the top of the line grills give you adjustable chrome plated warming racks, cast iron commercial quality burners, heavy duty side burners and stainless steel flavor generator plates that can “catch drippings, generate smoke, minimize flare ups and allow for better heat control”. 

Manufacturers offer classes in operating these big boys, but you gotta figure most men will shun these classes as they shun the directions in the accompanying how to booklets. If you Hibachi is not coming through for you, and you like top of the line items, look at these grills…and then go to your local hardware big box and spend a couple of hundred on a standard grill. Really, you’ll be happier.

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