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Basics of grilling

If you are new to grilling, it’s not just the grill you have to get right…it’s the utensils that slice, dice, flip and dip.

First on the list is the BBQ fork. Get one with a long handle, to keep your digits from toasting. Along with the fork are spatula and tongs to turn the food mid grill. If you are planning on grilling your bread for that extra fillip of crunch and flavor, get a slicer to open the bread.

Kitchen shears are also a good investment as you cut spices or flavorings for your grill masterpieces.

Of course don’t overlook the basic butcher knife that will get you through the fat cuts of meat that are simply delish but way too much to eat in a single serving.

If you are not quite that macho and are veggie inclined, look for a vegetable knife for your coterie of grilling cutlery for the zucchini, potatoes and peppers. Keep them clean and sharp and you’re well on your way to BBQ stardom.

Before you make the jump.  Check out these safety tips.

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