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Water Filtering Methods - Faucet Mounted Filters

If you get tired of lugging the filtered water pitcher over to the sink and waiting for it to refill, you might consider a filter mounted on your kitchen sink faucet.

If you are a tad handy, you can install it yourself for about $40. The filter screws directly onto the faucet. The water is filtered at the point of service and there is no waiting, unlike the carafe method. If you do not require filtering for a particular job, there is a valve that allows you to bypass the filter. The cartridges in these filters need to be changed every three months and can clog well before their three months is up, severely slowing the delivery of water. If aesthetics is a concern the filter apparatus itself is not always very attractive.

If you want filtered water at more than one sink, you will need to install it at each venue. This can get expensive and tedious as you try and keep track of filter schedules.

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