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Best water filters may be green

Kermit the Frog sings “It’s not easy being green” and as we try to be environmentally sound, there are days when we throw up both our hands.

New Wave Enviro Products has come up with the rather turgidly named “The Better Water Bottle Filter” . You can pick up their Corn Bottle and Water Bottle Filter for under nine (not so easily renewable) dollars and help yourself and the environment. The Corn bottle uses fermented corn to manufacture the bottle rather than plastics, and the Filter keeps your water healthy. Rather than spending big bucks (over time) on those space hogger water bottles, why not pick up a Corn Bottle, along with this 4” by 1.25” filter. Then use your tap water and refill. The water filter fits the standard water bottle as well.

And as if New Wave Enviro Products doesn’t do enough to push our conscience green, they give 3% of their gross profits from the sale of this nifty combo to promote environmentally friendly farming practices.

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