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Capresso Coffee Team Therm

For the coffee aficionado, take a look at the Capresso Coffee Team Therm with a water filter built right in. Thatís just one of the new integrations that should make the caffeine crew happy.  Look for a conical burr grinder that grinds the beans right into a reusable Gold Tone filter rather than the blade grinder. Itís a more consistent process and uses less heat than the blade version. No more glass pots to break either.

For maximum heat retention, Capresso has incorporated a thermal carafe and claims the coffee will stay hot and fresh for several hours. Thereís a water filter also incorporated into the Thermís design that Capresso says will reduce more than 80 per cent of all water impurities. Just replace the filter once a month if you are a heavy imbiber, every two if an infrequent user.
Itís a looker as well, with a brushed chrome fabrication to go with your other brushed chrome appliances (now is the time to relinquish your harvest gold crock pot). Plus you get all the regular amenities like auto on and brew, auto off, and pause and serve. Just do a little saving before making the purchase. The Therm is going for about $300 right now.

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