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Integrated filtration system

If you are tired of the drip, drip, drip of your water filtration pitcher, but don’t want the ugly filter attached to the end of your kitchen tap, Moen is thinking of you. At this year’s International Builders Show, they unveiled their new “integrated filtration system” with Choice Flo™. 

The Chateau model looks like your traditional kitchen faucet but due to two water channels instead of one, you get a choice of filtered or straight tap water.  There’s a special handle mounted right on the sink that switches you from one water line that provides the normal tap option to water that has come through an under the sink carbon filter.  

Moen says this carbon filtration system does a better job of eliminating contaminants than that dripping pitcher or faucet mounted solution.  Most people aren’t too happy with current water situation…buying the bottled water is expensive, the pitchers too inconvenient and the faucet mounted options just plain ugly…and will be more than willing to try some new thinking in water filtration.

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