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Keep fluoride in mind...

They are everywhere from church pews, to athletic clubs to park benches…the ubiquitous water bottle. Somehow we have gotten it into our heads that the water we get in these convenient bottles is better than our own filtered tap water.

Now dentists are saying, watch out. You are missing out when you rely only on these bottled options. Your tap water, most likely has fluoride in it…a very helpful ingredient in keeping your pearly whites healthy and intact. Dentists are concerned about non-fluorinated water, especially in little kids. Although their first concern is sugar laden soda/juice, there is some indication that the lack of fluoride in some bottled waters can make a difference in healthy teeth.

If you or your kids are heavy into the bottled water type, keep in mind your filtered tap water will provide you with better protection for your teeth than non-fluorinated bottled water.

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