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Mini sewing machines — do I need one?

Are you considering taking classes? If so, get a mini sewing machine. They are light and easily transported from your home to the location of the class. Just like any other hobby or discipline, classes are a great idea for the novice. With the tools you learn in the classes it is much more likely that you will get "hooked" on sewing rather than letting the machine collect dust in the corner. Once you are "hooked" get yourself a regular, full sized machine. At this point you will better know what you want out of one as well.

What about the more experienced person who has a regular sewing machine and wants to take classes to expand his or her skills? A mini sewing machine is also a good idea. You already know that you will use your at-home machine so think of the mini sewing machine as an investment in your education. Since you are not spending $500+ on a mini sewing machine having one for classes should not be out of the question.

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