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What's the best sewing machine?

Has Project Runway gotten you thinking “Hmm…I bet I could create a better dress than that!” If you are curious about sewing but don’t know where to start, simple is better for beginners. 

There are machines out there that will bring accolades when you embroider, smock, etc. but if you never intend to embroider or smock, there is no need for these pricey machines. First decide if you want a basic mechanical machine where you have to push buttons and turn switches to get the machine to do what you want it to do. But if you want to sew simple clothing or crafts or make some quick repairs to clothing or linens, this is the ticket.

Prices go from $500 on down. One step up is a machine with a computer chip that will take care of some of the more difficult jobs, including decorative stitching. Included in the price from $300 on up to a thousand are LED screens, touch controls and a ton of presser feet for a ton of different projects and zippers.

Over $1000 are the more appropriately termed embroidery machines. These machines can link to your computer for downloads and scripts. Just align the fabric, push a button and watch the magic. Bottom thread, er line, try to find a machine with an automatic button holer, automatic needle threader and a top loading bobbin. Look for extras like automatic tension adjustment and strong lighting for close-up work. Whatever your seamstress level, a sewing machine can free you from the local tailor and home decorating provider (curtains are mostly straight seams), plus give you a wider range of fabrics to unleash your creativity.

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5. Simplicity SA2200CS Creative Spirit Plus 45 Stitch Function
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