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Pfaff 2000

It is so not your motherís sewing machine anymore. Pfaff, a sewing machine manufacturer, has a ton of add ons to its Pfaff 2000 for your sewing pleasure. One add on is the Fabric Mover with Stitch Regulator. Your free motion work gets a whole lot easier and creative. Pfaff says your stitches and speed are uniform with the Stitch Regulator. Ergonomically designed, no more neck and back stress strain as the machine does all the work with free motion, a feature of the Fabric Mover.

Pfaff also offers 13 different presser feet for zigzag, buttonholes, darning, quilting, and gathering. And with your Stitch Link I or II from Silex, your machine is linked wirelessly to your computer for great downloads. No more annoying wires to contend with or having to locate your machine next to the computer. The wireless connection will take care of that for you.

So itís not just the machine, itís the add ons that will get you excited about your next project.

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