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Sewing Machines

A few years ago, sewing machines were for the intensely gifted but whether due to a Martha-ized population or a desire to save pennies here and there, there is a renewed interest in sewing machines. There are many brands out there and in one of three categories: mechanical, electrical and computerized.

As in most purchases, if you are considering a sewing machine purchase, first prioritize your needs. Look at the kinds of sewing you will be doing. Are you a beginner who wants to learn how to hem curtains, or a serious quilter? Will you be sewing wispy light fabrics, pockets on jeans or heavy outdoor fabrics? As a beginner are you planning on increasing your sewing skills over the long term? How many times will you be sewing per month, or is the machine going to be dragged out of the hall closet for only special needs infrequently.

Where will you use the machine? Some machines come in lovely cabinets that will blend into your dˇcor. Others are portable for a more temporary sewing center.

Do you have a budget for the sewing machine? What is your projected cost ceiling? Buying a sewing machine is a long term investment. Looking at all the options can be overwhelming with models, features, warranties and after-sale servicing all important to consider.

Popular Products
1. Brother ES2000 77 Stitch Function Computerized Free Arm
2. Singer 8280, 30-Stitch Function
3. Singer 7442, 80 Stitch Function Electronic
4. Singer 2732, 60 Stitch Function
5. Simplicity SA2200CS Creative Spirit Plus 45 Stitch Function
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