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Would mom like a new sewing machine?

What to get for Mom? Try a high tech sewing machine that makes sewing easier than ever.

Why pay to have simple curtains made? Why send your favorite jacket to Goodwill because a seam ripped? Mom armed with a sewing machine can jazz up your 7 for All Mankind jeans with some bling, whip up some pillows to match her bedspread, or even make the bedspread.

Sewing machines today are very high tech with embroidery patterns, and devotees can download embroidery patterns for a nifty effect, or create your own with the templates already on your new machine. Whole communities exist on line, chatting and blogging sharing ideas, patterns and stitches. Check out the automatic threading, buttonholing, etc., all done in nano seconds. And speaking of nano seconds, some new machines can fly by with up to one thousand stitches per minute.

So when you think of mom think of a new, high tech machine for all those little jobs you want done around the house and in your closet.

Popular Products
1. Brother ES2000 77 Stitch Function Computerized Free Arm
2. Singer 8280, 30-Stitch Function
3. Singer 7442, 80 Stitch Function Electronic
4. Singer 2732, 60 Stitch Function
5. Simplicity SA2200CS Creative Spirit Plus 45 Stitch Function
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