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Like Project Runway? Get a sewing machine!

You have been glued to Project Runway and want to reproduce some of the glories found there…where to start? Get yourself a sewing machine!

There are 35 million sewing buffs in the US according to the Home Sewing Association and the numbers are growing. Think any home or room makeover show and there is someone plugging away at a sewing machine, creating just the right curtains or bedding. And don’t even talk about the number of people who use their machine for crafting. There’s something very self expressive about wearing a simple skirt you sewed or guests oohing over the “oh so Pottery Barn” curtains in your bedroom you whipped up on the weekend.

Sewing is a life time skill that can reap financial and personal rewards. Wondering where to start? Just call your local sewing center and inquire about classes. There may be kids classes for your son or daughter, or adult classes for you or your husband (again, think Project Runway).

Sign up and see where the thread and needle will take you.

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