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Watch out for Diploma Mills

Before you sign on the dotted line or press the "Buy" button, know that there are people on the internet who will defraud you with a fake education for some very real money. Diploma mills will give you an A for effort along with a degree with little or no mental effort on your part...just make sure you have credit card in hand as this bogus degree will cost you about $2,000 or even more. There are no real courses and they are not really accredited (the key to a successful online degree). They just want your money.

Because most states do not regulate the terms "college" and "university", anyone with a little creativity and some sleight of hand salesmanship can list themselves as a bona fide college and offer a degree. These companies frequently change addresses or are located in a foreign country or a state that has limited interest in overseeing this type of business.

Avoid these diploma mills, as you will not receive the training and education you want and need. Also, if it becomes known that you are beefing up your resume with a diploma from one of these phony universities, there could then be a cloud over your legitimate accomplishments.

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