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You can do it

If you think being a mom without a degree is a dead end, get online once the kiddies are in bed and look for a good online degree program. Itís a ton of work, but it will equip you for the job market when little Jason and Ashley go off to school.

More and more parents are going for their undergraduate and graduate degrees according to the U. S. Department of Education. Whatís the draw? Even if mom is working full time, she isnít happy with the office job that isnít going anywhere. This way she can continue her education, and hopefully go for the career gold. One motivation is seeing more and more new hires with Masterís degrees and their resulting upward mobility.  Online offers flexibility for moms. You pace yourself according to your schedule and needs, and once the kiddies are in bed, you can sit down in your jammies and earn degree credits.

Most undergraduate degrees are focusing on IT and business, but masterís degrees are offered in more disciplines.

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