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Get ready for school

Here’s some more advice on whether to go online for that degree to save time and money, or to go the traditional route of on campus education. It’s crucial to get your family, friends and even co-workers support when you go for that online degree. Let them know it is akin to a part time job and they’ll be more likely to give you some slack when you need to “attend” class or get homework done.

Don’t forget to check out the online college before signing on. Make sure they have their accreditation from a reliable source. Check up on their reputation in the academic and professional venue. What kind of support do you get and when? If you are working on line at midnight, it is nice to know you can get tech help right then if you need it.

Then look at their graduation figures. What percentage of the students enrolled online graduate? If money and time are tight, count the cost ahead of time, blocking out eight to ten hours per course per week to read the books, write the papers and enter into the online discussions. Figure out the total cost and put it in your budget so you won’t get caught short as you begin a new semester.

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