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Distance learning study

Distance learning to earn your online degree just got a boost from researchers at Drexel University. 

They compared the traditional on campus route with online education vehicles and found the cyberspace university just as rigorous as the land locked education but with a more positive affect on family life and work schedule. Although online students were emotionally less stressed, both types of students found their educational programs as expected or even more difficult.

The director of academic affairs at Drexel University Online, Dr. Kenneth Hartman, said “This is the first study of its type to compare the expectations and actual experiences of both on-campus and online adult learners, the results of which suggests the quality of on-line verses on-campus learning is indistinguishable.” Although his affirmation could be somewhat biased, Dr. Hartman went on to say that the “quality of instruction is what matters the most to online students.”

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