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Online Degrees

Does the idea of sitting in front of your computer in your jammies with a cup of coffee at your side while you take your Econ 101 final sound like just the ticket? Are you finding yourself at a dead end job but can't take off from work for four years to earn a college degree?

An online degree may meet your needs. Long distance education has been around for a long time...exams in the mail, even videotape lectures. You may hear the term asynchronous learning, meaning a difference in time from when the lesson is taught and the student listens. But internet technology seems to be well suited for those who can't afford the time and the money sitting in a classroom and following a traditional college schedule. You can stream the lectures, download the class notes, and email fellow classmates or engage them in a debate in a chat room, all from the comfort of your home.

The advantages

  • Cut down on your gas and bus pass expenses — by and large there is no commute.
  • Classes are taken when convenient for you — watch lectures and take tests when you have the time. You can have a full time job, family, and still earn a degree.
  • Online degrees can be less expensive than the four-year, live in a dorm college.
  • Advance your career and salary by having the necessary training and education for promotion.
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