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Starting from scratch with your home automation system

As you begin planning your new home, it is not too early to be thinking home automation system. In fact, you will want to decide which appliances and operations in the home should be included in the system even before blueprints are drawn. The builder, the systems installer themselves, the electrician and even interior decorator should all be in on your thoughts so the effort can be coordinated with minimum redundancy and mistakes. There will need to be an area designated for the "brain" or CPU and wiring capabilities planned in that space. This processor(s) will then be connected via wires and antennae to appliances and other elements within your home.

Your electrician will need to install enough electrical outlets in this particular space as well as surge protectors at the outlet box. Also, the electrician will need to work closely with your home system installer in planning wiring, so that the current running over any electrical wiring will not interfere with any low voltage cabling you will have installed.

The home automation system may have outdoor sensors to indicate when to shut blinds or lower the temperature. If the landscaper has not consulted with the installer, there may be obstructions to the sensors or various plantings may offer too much sun or too much shade for the sensor to render a precise reading. As well, working together, they can place these sensors so they are not noticeable amidst the natural landscaping of the yard.

Coordination early and often is the key to a successful installation.

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