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Life/Ware software

Home Control Systems can be complicated, proprietary animals that preclude use of your own media and security systems.

Exceptional Innovation is the producer of Life/Ware software, operating on the Media Center platform, allowing non-proprietary hardware  systems in your home. You get flexibility in lighting, audio, camera, climate and security systems and vendors to meet your own needs, but all controlled in one system. EI has certified three more Media Center manufacturers who meet their stringent criteria and can handle Life/Ware’s apps. Ace (the computer side), Inteset (think home theater servers) and Niveus (audio/video) have passed the test (HP was one of the first) and can be incorporated into the Media Center set up for the customer by the integrator.

Most home control systems require a single brand use, but EI is committed to “hardware neutrality”. You get choices and flexibility and we are always up for choices and flexibility.

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