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Wireless home automation system review

Itís a new day in your houseÖor it could be.

Lagotek has taken a software approach to home control systems that gives you a more flexible solution than the up til now hardware  bundle. You get the basic features of whole home controlled lighting (weíre talking incandescent, LED and fiber optic), HVAC (thatís your heating and cooling, audio, camera surveillance, landscape controls (read sprinklers and drips) and importantly the security functions. But the wireless design makes it affordable and accessible to the mid priced homes. Itís interface is intuitive to use and you donít have to be computer literate to get the hang of it.

Starting out in Seattle, the test installation in a new home construction developerís digs brought rave reviews, and a desire to incorporate it in the companyís new builds.  Evidently it is the Z-Wave of the future that will get your house in order.

The Lagotek Home Intelligence Platform includes a controller and a wireless interface hub compatible with Zensysís Z-Wave control environment. This means any high or low voltage appliance can be linked with the platform. And as the homeís needs change, software developed in the marketplace by independent software vendors can easily be added, things that today we canít imagine.

Lagotek uses Modes and Profiles to keep your house just the way you like it. One mode might be Vacation (no one will be able to guess you arenít there), or Good Morning (the Mr. Coffee, your showerís water temperature, get psyched for the day audio, etc.). If you are considering a remodel or a new home, look for a certified dealer and incorporate them early on in the planning stage.

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