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SmartLab's smart products control your home

I remember ten years ago driving all the way back home (over an hour, one way) to turn off an iron. Nowadays, our house has an automatic turnoff iron that would have done the trick back then. But think of all the other applications that would make your life easier. How about using your cell phone to turn off the stove or up the heat for a warm return from vacation?

SmartLabs says there will be about 20 billion home control products in the next ten years, SmartLabs sells a growing range of products to control your home, about 7,000 of them are available on their website. Some of the newer items in the marketplace include a security device that not only calls the police when a break-in occurs, but will turn on all the lights and send a text message to the homeís owner. Or better yet, have the pictures of the invader taken by cameras throughout your property sent to your pc or cell.

In this day of heightened energy costs, homes can be programmed to close windows and blinds and then turn on the AC. Itís a smarter home for the future, albeit an expensive one. A lot of the devices need to be installed by special contractors and the price tag isnít cheap. But as the products become more available and used, the cost will come down, your home will be smarter and you will be happier.

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