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How to find a quality installer of your home control system

Thinking of coordinating your home under an umbrella home control system? Who should install the system for you? If you reply, Cousin Bernie, then read no further, but if you need to find a qualified vendor, here are some tips. 

First you need to establish a reasonable list of vendors that will work well with you on selection and installation of your home control system. Getting a Request for Qualifications or RFQ can help you whittle a list down to the precious few who will do the best job for you.

Sit down at the computer and write up what you want from the system and the goals you want the project to meet. This way you wonít have any bidders who donít do the type of work you really want done. Then think about the kind of company you want in your house doing this important work. What kind of company is it, who owns it, how long has it been in business. Then ask about the credentials of those who will be installing the system. Ask about the work the company has previously done that is comparable to your project. Doing your homework will only add to your ultimate satisfaction with your installation vendor.

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