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The best home automation system vendors...

You have the short list of vendors for your home control system. Now what? Take the process seriously, and interview your candidates. After all, they will be messing with all kinds of systems integral to your home and the pleasure it brings. You may meet the vendor at a home show or just talk on the phone. But you should make this personal connection before you make your decision. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

First make sure you are serious about the vendor before asking them to make a home visit. No need to waste their time and yours if this is not a company you are considering. In the interview, determine if the vendor is a credible supplier. Talk about a few crucial areas of your system and ask how the vendor will address them. Talk about your expectations and the potential progress of the job, deadlines, etc.

Negotiate the cost before you hire, so you will not be stuck with cost overruns and inconvenient delays. And finally, do you feel the vendor is listening to you and taking into account your situation and needs.

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