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PVR over VHS

Think recording media as well. With digital recording, you are looking at, at most, a sliver of the depth of a typical VHS cassettes. No more drawers full of black clunky boxes, archiving your Baywatch videos. Your collection will now occupy a small fraction of the space for your viewing pleasure. And speaking of viewing hours, each typical VHS cassette can hold, at the extended long play (and poorest quality), eight hours. With a hard disk recorder you are looking at up to 200 hours of recording pleasure.

With digital video recordings, the quality stays quality. None of the degrading that happens each time you play or copy with the VCR. If you are doing any editing at all, this is of prime interest. The actual VCR mechanics can also experience wear, as each pass of videotape causes wear on both the tape and the head that is reading it. Digital video does not produce this kind of contact erosion on either the recorder or the disc.

When it comes to ease of use, digital video wins click after click. When you want to show off a particularly moving David Hasselhoff moment in season two of Baywatch, finding it may take a bit of time and effort. With digital video you can quickly skip to the particular scene in question with ease. Plus most recorders will show menus detailing the recordings you have on the disc...pick one and click play and you can lean back in your recliner and enjoy.

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