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Skipped ads still have value for advertisers?

When given the opportunity to skip over ads in DVRíd programs, itís pretty much a given that you will. But if you are an advertiser buying valuable air time, this is not a happy circumstance. 

TiVoís research arm (TiVo Audience Research and Measurement) are looking to examine minutely this habit of glossing over commercials, including what ads youíre avoiding, when you start your skip, and even when you go back to view a skipped ad. Part of their end view is to show that recorded commercials do have value to an advertiser.

The granddaddy of viewer ratings, Nielsen, has gotten into the act of tracking ad behavior as well. There are results on who watches the ad in real time, who goes back within 24 hours to watch it, and those who go back within the week. The advertisers want to pay less for an ad if it is skipped, saying only live ratings should count. The networks want to charge for at least some of the DVR population, in fact, some ABC reps said they wonít work with agencies that insist on the live ratings.

Keep tuned and know the controversy can only heat up as more and more households take to TiVo to maximize their viewing pleasure.

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