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Who owns DVRs?

If you own a DVR consider yourself in the “uppuh” class. Seems market research finds those who own a digital video recorder watch less TV than homes without and really get into magazines and newspapers.

Mediamark Research finds over eleven percent of adult households own a DVR. This clientele is more than twenty per cent likely to be locked in on the tube than the general population but really get off on magazines and newspapers…more than forty percent are relaxing with the latest magazines and papers.

Research also says these DVR’ers use the internet more, in fact they use it over 80 percent more than our run of the mill adult. You may also know a DVR owner by their college degree (over 35 percent graduated from college) and elevated income (well over fifteen percent report over $150,000 in income to the IRS). Add to this over fifteen percent owning homes worth over half a mil and you have a very la di dah population.

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