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If you’ve had it up to here with acronyms, sorry, but here come a few more.

With TiVo a big deal with the under thirty and really anyone who HAS to see Katie Couric’s last hours on the Today Show, it is good to know what makes this service so hot. DVR devotees say it is MRV and HMO. 

Multi Room Viewing (MRV) lets you watch HGTV in the bedroom after recording it in the den. A handy option that delivers flexible viewing.

HMO stands for Home Media Option and means that you can look at family pictures and listen to your favorite music stored on your computer, via the TiVo service. Both these perks require some additional software and technical know how, but definitely do-able with a few instructions. Just search the internet for TiVo and MRV or HMO and look for some easy how-to’s. I found mine on DVRPlayground.

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