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Why we skip commercials.

I don't know about you but my family loves to watch the NFL.  We love the action and excitement and adore how beautiful it looks on a high definition television.  We like watching football so much that we would prefer to do it in real time so we get a "feel" for the game.  Watching a recording of a game is just not the same - even if it is close to real time.  You lose the rhythm of the game when you watch it recorded.  It is good to get up and walk around after every change of possession.  It gives you a chance to rant and/or rave about you team and experience the moment.

My family cannot watch an NFL game in real time however.  Why? The commercials are fully inappropriate for children.

We have three small children who watch football games with us.  Small children who wake up in the night with nightmares when they see violent/scary things on TV.  The most notably inappropriate ads on during the games are the one's for the network's other shows.  Who wants their kid seeing a commercial that shows a murdered woman laying in a heap of trash in some NY warehouse?  I don't.  I don't want my kids waking me up in the night because of something they watched during a commercial.

We skip commercials because we have to.  Wake up TV ad people!

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