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New Technology in DVD-R

Blu-ray disc or BD is the next greatest thing since sliced DVDs. It is an optical format that will let you record, rewrite and playback high definition video plus store significant amounts of data. Its storage capacity is currently about 25 gigabytes, much larger than the DVDs 4.7GB. Rather than the red laser used by all the DVD formats, blu-ray uses a blue-violet laser with a shorter wavelength than the red that allows for greater precision. Data can then be jam packed on the disk and therefore more data can be stored.

High definition TV may be driving the technology, and blu-ray manufacturers say that your HD signal will be replicated in your recording. Also, you can watch one program on the disk while recording a HD program simultaneously. The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is made up of leading electronics and PC manufacturers including Dell, HP, JVS, Panasonic, Sony, etc.

In fact, the BDA has announced that they are ready to manufacture cost effective BD-ROM discs that can compete with DVD media. It does not seem too far in the future that retailers who have cleared the shelves of VHS will be replacing DVDs with the BD. The King is dead...long live the King.

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