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Cablevision DVR issues

If you are a subscriber to Cablevision and are looking forward to their dvr service, there is legal trouble ahead for the nationís sixth largest cable provider. They are being sued by four Hollywood studios plus the major TV networks along the lines of copyright infringement.

Cablevision has planned its on demand service to replace the dvr (you got just last Christmas) and would allow you to store and playback TV off of Cablevisionís own servers. Although you personally can copy the programming, evidently for the cable company to do the same service for you is a no-no, unless they get the license, since it is a profit oriented company and is going to charge you for access to the programs. 

Surprise, surprise, Cablevision disagrees and says they are modeled after the TiVo system, since it is not recording all programming, just the ones you want to see and the only difference is that the programs are stored on their server instead of your dvrís hard drive.

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