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Macintosh DVR

The Mac Mini just got a boost from Miglia Technology. They have introduced TVMax, a digital video recorder add on for the Mac, but particularly for the Mac mini. Just stack it underneath a Mac mini…it’s a teeny 6.5 inches square by just over one inch high.  There’s a wireless remote control and El Gato’s EyeTV 2 software is bundled in as well.
With the TVMax you get TV in either windowed or full mode with special features like conversion of analog signals from your vcr or video camera and can record in a full range of mpeg options as well ad divx.  If your iPod can handle video, it’s a natural connection as well.

With the EyeTV2 you can do all the stuff you have come to expect from the TiVo group with online programming guides, editing capabilities to x-out the commercials, plus export it all out to dvd. And you can hook it up to your mac with a simple usb2 connection.
Your system will have to be a G4/500mhz or faster with 256 mb ram and an operating system of OS10.4 or later, but if you are techie enough for the Mac Mini, we’re sure you have the latest in mac iterations anyway. Just throw on the TVMax for a mere $250.

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