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SnapStream's Beyond TV4

The marriage of PCís and TVís is viewing experience heaven, and there are some new products to facilitate this engagement, particularly SnapStreamís Beyond TV4. You get TiVo without the bucks and Windows Media without Microsoftís control.

If you have a TV tuner and a good processor, add SnapStreamís software and you get all the wonderful ease of programming from a TiVo like topical searches, electronic program guide and no more commercials.

Plus, they say you can record hdtv, divx, mpeg-2 and wmv formats. Share them over a network or just copy them onto a dvd. Oops, you forgot to set your computer for the lost episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies before you left on your vacation to Branson? No problem. Just log onto and download the info to your PC.

Price tag? Just a rounded up $70. Now that is creative thinking at a creative price.

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