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Online Contact Lens Vendors

If your fingers like to do the shopping and the internet is your first stop, there are a number of issues to keep in mind. Type "contact lenses" in your favorite search engine and you will be inundated with web site addresses that sell them. Go one better and try a shopping comparison search engine like Froogle or DealTime and check out the price of the brand you have been prescribed. Click on (who claim a lens inventory of over 20 million now that they have bought Lens Express) or (parent company and check out their prices. These are two of the larger, more established internet lens providers

Although we like to think everyone is honest and hardworking, this is not always the case, and it is not easily discernable whether an online company is on the up and up. Keep in mind that prices can fluctuate and the price you see may not be the ultimate price you get. You certainly don't want to click your credit card information to a "fly by night" company only to wake up without contacts and money. Some companies have very small staff and no inventory which can make the experience less than pleasurable. These companies will not deliver your lenses in a timely manner as their "standard operating procedure" is to order the lenses after you have made your purchase. You may go without until the lenses arrive, only to find out the seller will not be delivering your lenses because they cannot get them. This is particularly true if you have an uncommon prescription. Larger companies keep vast numbers of prescription lenses on hand so they can ship quickly, sometimes the same day.

Also, don't forget shipping and handling fees when considering price. Always get a stated shipping and handling fee and add it to the price. Some sellers will give you free shipping if your order is over a limit and lower the final price of the lenses.

Don't forget customer service in your rush to get the best buy. You may get an incorrect order and not be able to actually contact the company, or get any kind of response from the avenues the company provides. Take the time to call the company before ordering and get some kind of number or email in case the order is not correct. If it is incorrect, damaged or you overpurchase for the year, can you return the unused lenses for refund or at least credit? This may happen if you make a large order and your prescription changes. You may end up with a number of unopened lens boxes that you cannot use.

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