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Corneal Refractive Therapy - CRT

Itís bad enough when you have eye issues, but when your kids at an early age show progressive nearsightedness, images of coke bottle glasses on your progeny can be unnerving.

Now there is a new type of contact (Corneal Refractive Therapy or CRT) lens that kids can wear at night that reshapes their corneas while they are sleeping. Come morning the lenses are removed and they have clear vision for the day. Then at night, the lenses are popped in again. These special gas permeable lenses donít result in permanent correction but will keep the kidsí prescription static as they grow.

One dentist calls it a retainer for the eyes, reversing vision impairment temporarily. The idea is that it will keep the kidís eyesight from deteriorating more until they are adults. Itís only for nearsighted issues and it takes a few days for optimum vision to occur. Stop wearing them at night and you can expect the old issues to blur in a couple of days.

Itís a great option instead of laser surgery, which is not recommended for 21 and under age group and does not stop the pattern of decreasing vision. Then when the patient is able to have laser surgery, the problem is not so advanced and more easily fixed.

Their cost is about fifteen hundred dollars with replacements (necessary after from one to three years) about $400.

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