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Fungal eye infections

Lotta talk about the hundreds of cases of fungal eye infections (Fusarium keratitis) earlier this year. The doctors of optometry from the American Optometric Association have issued a report, confirming some of the primary causes and basic methods to avoid this serious eye disease. Fingers pointed both at the contact lens user for poor hygiene and Bausch and Lombís ReNu with MoistureLoc lens solution (now pulled from the shelves).  Letís go over the symptoms again:

∑        Blurred or fuzzy vision

∑        Red, irritated eyes that wonít heal

∑        Eye pain

∑        Light sensitivity

∑        Eye tearing over the norm

As for that important hygieneÖ

∑        Wash your hands before touching your eyes and contacts

∑        Clean, clean, clean your lenses

∑        Store them in their case and replace the case at least every three months.

∑        Use the stuff your optometrist recommends, not just rewetting drops

∑        Use fresh solution

∑        Contacts and Hot Tubs/swimming donít mix

Better precautions than loss of sight!

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